Regardless of history and paradigm shifts, this therapy has remained at the forefront as a treatment of choice for many.Literally, the word chiropractic means “effective use of the hands”. Traditionally, it implies treatment focused at the spine. The treatment we provide includes both the vertebral subluxation complex as well as fixations at all other joints. With our focus on the active patient lifestyle, addressing joint fixations in the extremities can be just as important as the spine.There are a variety of techniques utilized when delivering this form of health care. The style, which most closely describes our approach, is referred to as “Diversified Chiropractic Techniques”. Diversified is an amalgam of other techniques, both at the spine and the extremities. We find that the diversified approach allows us to tailor the treatment required to the patient rather than have the patient conform to our particular approach to care.For those familiar with specific chiropractic techniques what this means is that we utilize treatment protocols that include Gonstead, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Graston and Biophysics just to name a few. In our experience at Performance Care Clinic, a broad based approach gets the job done most effectively and efficiently.

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