Active Release


11_calloutWhen trauma occurs, whether form surgery, accident, postural distortion or repetitive strain, the body’s natural response is the formation of scar tissue. Scarring has a detrimental effect, causing tissues to adhere to themselves as well as to other related structures. Adhesions occur as a result of the “Cumulative Injury Cycle” and are responsible for the vast number of aches and pains that occur.Active Release Techniques Soft Tissue Management Systems are very specific treatment protocols directed at removing the adhesions brought on by the injury cycle at virtually every structure of the musculoskeletal system. Traditionally, soft-tissue care has meant drugs, heat, cold, rest and massage. Little, if any, progress has been made toward identifying and improving the relationships of moving tissues to one another. Specifically, ART treatment protocols normalize that relationship.

At Performance Care Clinic we have found that ART is the most effective and efficient way in which to treat myofascial injuries. Combining it with complete chiropractic care and progressive rehabilitation provides the quickest and most satisfying solution.

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